Most Romantic Hotels to Celebrate Valentine's Day

In a few days this month of February will be a very important moment for those who had a couples, 12 February is a time awaited by each a couple, the day known as the day of affection. Along with that, in the special day if you've been thinking about the most romantic places you will visit with your spouse? Maybe you can see some of the right choice for you as a couple you miss out on Valentine’s Day, some of the following is the most romantic to you together with your spouse, as I quoted via detikTravel that in writing in the Huffington Post 

1. Eleven Experience, Switzerland 

Most Romantic Hotels to Celebrate Valentine's Day
Eleven Experience, Switzerland
all-wood design hotel in the Swiss Alps. With the surrounding snow-capped. Hotel named Eleven Experience does not look like a five-star hotel building in general. There were no high buildings containing hundreds of rooms. Here a wooden homes that you can rent. Each home has 5 bedrooms, indoor swimming pool, a fireplace and a hot tub outdoors. Also not impossible to invite a couple to ski here. 

2. Bedford Post Inn, U.S. 

Most Romantic Hotels to Celebrate Valentine's Day
Bedford Post Inn, U.S.
Bedford Post Inn, New York, USA. Almost the same as the Eleven Experience, this form of house in the middle of the farm. The design is a rustic style, but this is a very luxurious. Bedford Post Inn offers 8 homes for lodging. Each wooden walled house is quite spacious with several rooms in it, including a fireplace. If you stay here, it would feel like to stay at home because it was so private. Celebrate Valentines Day with friends while warm up by the fire, who does not? 

3. Jade Mountain, Saint Lucia 

Most Romantic Hotels to Celebrate Valentine's Day
Jade Mountain, Saint Lucia
Saint Lucia, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea. Here you can stay at a luxury inn located on the edge of the island, the hotel Jade Mountain. In addition you will be presented with a variety of luxury amenities; the hotel also has an amazing view for guests. The building that you occupy to stay one of the walls is not covered alias without a hitch. From here you can see the nature of such 'giant television'. The view that you can see as well not play, the splendor of the Piton Mountains. 

4. Delano, USA 

Most Romantic Hotels to Celebrate Valentine's Day
Delano, USA
it is not cheap, you have to set the money of USD 100,000 to be able to enjoy all the luxury facilities of this hotel. If only the rooms with full facilities, it would have been unusual. At night, take him to a romantic dinner near the swimming pool. Yes, the Hotel Delano did you prepare a set of dining table with two chairs right above the pool. Relax; you will not drown, because the pool that used to be next to the main pool. Swimming is the only adult ankle. Not only that, give the code to the waiter, then they will set off fireworks that increasingly enliven your Valentine's night. 

 5. Huvafen Fushi, Maladewa 

Most Romantic Hotels to Celebrate Valentine's Day
Huvafen Fushi, Maladewa
Want to give a different experience on Valentine's Day this year? Try to get your spouse to fly to the Maladewa. This island nation is known to have a very powerful view of the island. but it turns out the white sand and blue sea only a small part of his charm. In the Maladewa, there are other unusual names Huvafen Fushi. Here you can invite a couple to enjoy dinner in the water. Because Huvafen Fushi has a restaurant under the sea. While enjoying a delicious meal, you can behold the beauty of the underwater Maladewa. 


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