Traditional Wedding of Sasak Lombok (island)

(Trisna Noviia) -  "Traditional wedding sasak Lombok"

TEPALING" (stolen) 
When you imagine the girls kidnap someone in your mind, you will be reported to the authorities or police.
But not in the traditional indigenous Sasak tribe. Girls kidnapped and hid it means you invite someone to marry girls, only on the island of Lombok runaway girls would not someone in the criminal law.
Traditional Wedding of Sasak Lombok

"NYELABAR" (notification of the family of men)

Nyelabar is notice to the woman's family that her daughter will marry
Inevitably the family must agree because if not allowed then be tarnished family name, except the men asked the family not to perform ceremonies and kidnapping.

"BETIKAH" (wedding ceremony)

Betikah is the inaugurations of the two parties are legally in accordance with religious custom in legitimate right by the prince that girls and boys have become husband and wife.
"BEGAWE" (celebration of the legitimate marriage)
Begawe done as a form of blessing to the ease that had been treated with one almighty god for the smooth wedding and celebrate by inviting the villagers each from both sides bride
Traditional Wedding of Sasak Lombok

"Nyongkolan" (wedding procession procession from house to house men of the bride)

Nyongkolan as a form of restoring the good name of the parents in the village or the village because to her had been kidnapped by the groom's men. Nyongkolan cannot be held if the girls do not do the ritual kidnapping
Traditional Wedding of Sasak Lombok
In the Nyongkolan the girl in the front row was a young girl who delivers the bride in one after another with a teenage boy who delivers bride men in the back row there beleq drum (traditional musical instrument Lombok) is a typical drum 2 people who are very large and using custom clothing lombok.
Traditional Wedding of Sasak Lombok


Sorong Serah doing the bride to ask for forgiveness and blessing of two people know how to kiss the feet with both parents
Apologized for his actions in doing so in a new life with her husband always give blessings and stay away from anything that destroys marriages

Traveled to the island of Lombok is not complete if you know at least a few customs that were there, certainly more fun and easier to adapt if you know the culture of Lombok.


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