Lagundri Beach: Best Surfing Spots in Indonesia

Lagundri beach is one of the best beaches on the island of Nias, North Sumatra. Lagundri Nias district located in the south, not far from the beach Sorake. One of the beaches suitable for surfing beginners to master is Lagundri beach located on the island of Nias, waves provide extraordinary sensation, and even some people say the second wave after Hawaii.
Lagundri beach best surfing spots in Indonesia

Lagundri beach is one beach which is located in South Nias district. The one that made waves in this Lagundri is ideal for windsurfing because of its location facing the Indonesian Ocean and is also a meeting place for the bay so that large waves will flow. This beach is one of the goals of local and foreign surfers.

The seurfer can try folds wave height capable of reaching 6 to 9 feet with a variety of levels. Not only is it long thrust Lagundri waves in coastal areas could even reach 200 yards every year many tourists, especially foreign tourists who visit this beach.

Lagundri beach several times a location was surfing competitions both nationally and internationally. Nias Open Championship is one of the regularly held where hundreds of surfers around the world, especially from Australia so dominated the oceans Lagundri beach is great for a tourist destination. Because, along the beach and Sorake Lagundri lined home stay and cradles are ready to serve tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Enjoy this picture of lagundri beach
Lagundri beach best surfing spots in Indonesia

Lagundri beach best surfing spots in Indonesia

Lagundri beach best surfing spots in Indonesia

The fee was quite cheap as budget lodging. Until now, if we take the ferry from Sibolga to Gunung Sitoli or plane from Medan Polonia to Binaka, will find a lot of foreign tourists. They are sports fans will surf to Sorake and enjoy the beautiful beaches of white sand in Lagundri. Naturally, they flock to it. Therefore, Sorake and Lagundri touted as the second best surf after Hawaii. For those of you who want to visit, it is advisable to come in April or May to get great and challenging waves for surfing fun.


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